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My name is Maria and I work as Hypnotherapist and Holistic Therapist in South London. I became interested in Alternative and Complementary therapies because of my own personal experiences. With the right balance of courage, determination and complimentary therapy, I overcame negative thoughts, improved my health and started to lose weight. My loved ones also began to see an improvement in their lives through hypnotherapy, learning how to relax and let go of unwanted anxiety and stress. I was so inspired by the positive changes I’d seen that I decided to leave a career in management and finance, and embraced complimentary therapy with great passion, training in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis, NLP, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting.

My sessions are tailored to the individual client. As I have experience in many different fields, I am able to combine any or all of these to bring about the change that the client is looking for. If you wish to read more about me, please visit the Therapist Training and Qualifications page.

The CNHC always recommends that you use a Registered Hypnotist. I have been registered for many years, and have all the relevant training and certification and have so you can feel sure that I work safely and professionally.

My clients very often surprise themselves at how quickly their problems are solved. I take pride in providing my clients not only with the service they come for, but I also teach empowering tools, that help them in the future. I provide a confidential, supportive and caring atmosphere that my clients appreciate and value. If you wish to see some of the issues I have helped people with, visit our Testimonial page or the Treatments page if you prefer.


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I used to worry about everything and since attending the sessions with Maria. I have found myself much calmer.  I feel a lot happier and more relaxed in myself.  I have also began to do outside activities which has surprised myself as well as friends and family.  I always looked forward to the sessions with Maria.  She makes me feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.  I can honestly say my life has began to turn around and I am looking forward to a more positive and existing future.

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