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Welcome to Hypnosis South London – Maria Fuentes .  We are Hypnotherapist and Holistic Therapists based in South London 

We offer Hypnotherapy Therapy. Studies have showed Hypnotherapy has validated SCIENTIFIC  EVIDENCE for taking away emotionally-induced stress and anxiety problems that patients prone to complicated health problems including weight-gain have.

Hypnotherapy Therapy is also used for the treatment of panic disorders, insomnia, and phobia, cravings control, reducing negative thoughts, confidence building and overall confidence building, all geared toward healthy living.

Hypnosis South London is here to address your anxiety and confidence –building fears, thus work with you to elevate your state of mind. We apply established techniques – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and work with you to reach your goals of complete wholeness of your life and yourself through regimented therapy that is now used by high profile sports men and women, corporate high fliers, artist and celebrities. Visit our CELEBRITIES & HYPNOTHERAPY page.

My name is Maria Fuentes. I am the Director of hypnosis southlondon.co.uk. I am a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CNHC).  After feeling the effects some of these emotional states can have if left untreated, Hypnotherapy and Holistic Therapy were the answer to our problems. The tremendous results we achieved were the motivation for me to do what I know best – to assist you release the stress and anxiety that make us lose confidence and even gain weight. In essence, there is no way I would recommend to you what did n’t work for me, my family and friends.  We are all witnesses to the overwhelming results from Hypnotherapy sessions.

We use individualized methods and techniques to analyze your situation – no two individuals are the same. We examine your case and based on results, recommend therapy sessions adequate enough to address your needs.

Book your session today at Hypnosis South London.  For your visit to our website, please accept a Free Relaxation MP3 for your listening enjoyment.

Our services are outstanding. We have not failed to identify those stress-induced anxiety and confidence-building inhibitors and knocked them out. Testimonials from our satisfied customers are evidence of our board certified services.

Schedule a personal appointment today at Hypnosis South London.co.uk and get Free 1/2 hour consultation

Learn more and read some of the scientific studies that have showed Hypnotherapy Therapy works.

  • Read testimonials of our clients who have witnessed drastic changes in their weight loss, confidence, anxiety and more..
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Hypnosis South London

I used to worry about everything and since attending the sessions with Maria. I have found myself much calmer.  I feel a lot happier and more relaxed in myself.  I have also began to do outside activities which has surprised myself as well as friends and family.  I always looked forward to the sessions with Maria.  She makes me feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.  I can honestly say my life has began to turn around and I am looking forward to a more positive and existing future.

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