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This page offers information on complementary therapies we offer from our offices in London, Brighton and Bexhill on Sea.

When you visit us, you will always be the center of our attention. We offer a wide range of rapid therapies to help you overcome difficult moments, moments when you may need a helping hand.

Our clients come to us looking for help to overcome anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fears and lack of happiness or confidence amongst other things. Some have been stuck in the past living over and over again a trauma or bereavement that keep them stuck and do not allow them to move forward in their life.

Many clients simply come because they are fed up of following diets and want to learn ways to increase their determination and mental strength. Tricks that give them control and help them to correct poor eating habits.

Most of the time the problem presented is only the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is always to solve the root of the problem and to obtain quick results with our BAGC6 system, so that the client begins to experience positive changes from the first session.

Our BAGC6 is an intensive program to substantially reduce anxiety and improve their position in less than 6 sessions.

Case Studies

Anxious & Panicky Loading...


Anxious & Panicky

My anxiety can come on for all sorts of reasons, from being stuck in a car on my own, to failing a presentation. It’s not just feeling of being scared, I often freeze up and start to feel really quite ill, hyperventilating, being sick and suffering from intense headaches or stomach pains. People say I need to learn to chill out and stop being so negative, but I get very overwhelmed with thoughts of failure and potential embarrassment. Other Issues Tend to Be:..

Self-doubting Savant Loading...


Self-doubting Savant

“I often feel situations spiralling out of control quickly, and it’s natural for me to feel I’m not good enough to achieve anything, or that there’s something wrong with the way I am. I rarely date or socialise I find myself really annoying and I think others will too. I know all my flaws well enough, I’d hate for anyone else to see them, so I tend to stick to my comfort zone, same type of friends, same type of men, same ..

Determined Slimmer Loading...

Weight loss woman

Determined Slimmer

“I’ve tried every diet there is, but the cravings still catch me out, and the portion sizes that they recommend leave me hungry all the time. Sometimes the diets seem to be a success, but I don’t stay at my goal weight for long. I’m scared to go out because I think people look at me and think I sit on the couch all day. I don’t, but finding an effective exercise routine is quite difficult when you’re big, and I can’t face going to the gym, I don’t wan..

Success Stories

Hypnosis South London

Communication difficulties and nerves at a professional level. 

“I don’t fear communicating with colleagues or bosses”

I had a challenge with being able to communicate for previous years and it became so bad that during conference calls at work I would get sweaty palms and felt, actually I don’t think I can talk about what I need to discuss, because it will be wrong anyway (a mini anxiety attack)! So,  I was stumbling as I was speaking and when I paused, it felt like a 1000 years had gone by.

I contacted Maria and the first session was definitely an immediate impact and as the weeks/sessions (6) went by,  all of the symptoms mentioned above started to go away to the point of never returning.

It has been nearly a year now since we had our first session and I can honestly say,  the best investment of my life. I don’t fear communicating with colleagues or bosses and I just say what I feel in a pragmatic and logical way. Not stumbling on my words and when I pause,  I do it intentionally as a communication tool. I am really grateful and extremely happy right now. I would really recommend anyone to just give it a try.

Thank you Maria!

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We apply established techniques – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) & Hypnotherapy. We work with you to reach your goals of complete wholeness of your life and yourself through therapy that is now used by high profile sports men and women, corporate high fliers, artist and celebrities. Visit our CELEBRITIES & HYPNOTHERAPY page.

Our services are outstanding. We have not failed to identify those stress-induced anxiety and confidence-building inhibitors and knocked them out. SUCCESS STORIES from our satisfied customers are evidence of our board certified services.

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