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Anxious & Panicky

My anxiety can come on for all sorts of reasons, from being stuck in a car on my own, to failing a presentation. It’s not just feeling of being scared, I often freeze up and start to feel really quite ill, hyperventilating, being sick and suffering from intense headaches or stomach pains.

People say I need to learn to chill out and stop being so negative, but I get very overwhelmed with thoughts of failure and potential embarrassment. Other Issues Tend to Be:


  • My mind is constantly occupied
  • I cannot focus
  • I feel sad and fearful all the time
  • At work I cannot cope with the pressure
  • I have family problems
  • I cannot stop arguing with my partner
  • I am haunted by memories of the past
  • I keep projecting negative outcomes in the future
  • My heart is always racing
  • My head spins
  • I often feel I cannot breath
  • I cannot travel in public transport or go to shopping centres
  • I feel I can’t cope with life at this moment

I Want to Improve and See Fast Results

What we offer:

  • A fully personalised, one-to-one program with range of guided, techniques to get to the subconscious reasons for your anxiety, and break the faulty connections that are making you ill.
  • By the time you leave us, you’ll be well-equipped to face and conquer the things that have held you back for so long.
  • Guaranteed Results

Discover How the “Beat Anxiety & Gain Confidence 6 Steps Programme” can Help You Succeed

  • 1 – Mastering the Mind – (2 mins ) – Introduction to Where your Confidence Lives.
  • 2 – Hurting your Health – (2 mins) – Lack of Confidence is The Root of Anxiety & Panic – This Hurts your Health!
  • 3 – Secrets of the Subconscious – (2 mins) – Confidence is Harnessed in your Subconscious, but How did it Learn such a Destructive Behavior?
  • 4 – The Perfect Programme – BAGC 6 (2 mins) – Reveals How we can Help you with this Surprisingly Fast 6 Steps Programme.
Success Stories
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“It has been very positive”

I now know how to deal with emotions and reflect more positively. I am very positive for the emotional therapy and looks that I now possess for my journey. It has been very positive.
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