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Are you afraid to fly? Dare yourself to overcome it!


“I was from 5:45 am, tossing and turning in bed, thinking  that within three hours I’ll be on a plane! The mere thought that I have to ride in that can, where once the doors are closed¡ There would no way of getting out of there.  I get nauseous and a huge tingling all over his body. I’m dying on the inside ……. “

As from this story, there are many people who come to my office to be treated for the panic they feel. The thought to be riding on an airplane. People who only have to think about this, gives them real strong episodes of anxiety, stress and physical pain that prevents them from doing many things, like enjoy unique and unforgettable places where only the plane can take them now.  But, are these emotions and feelings are incurable? No, because there are many non-pharmacological treatments that can cure such fears, and these are called therapies. Therapies are used to determine where the “zero event” that triggers that fear of flying and then use these therapies to help heal our brain and our emotions, strengthening and curing them amid fears we have.  An example: let’s assume that when you were very small, your parents were separated and went to live in different states. To meet with the visitation rights, you rode on a plane alone, with the supervision of a stewardess of course, but equally alone. Among those trips, one of the passengers is not well and agitated, you like any little girl, you get scared, and you find that you have no one you can trust, or embrace or protect, an event that you later block out and forget, but that over the years, with the simple fact that they tell you to hop on a plane, you feel a trigger within you that brings an indescribable fear you body breaks down and makes you feel a lot of anxiety just thinking about flying. Like this, there are many situations that can trigger certain types of fears and can only be treated with therapies. Therapies that allow you to transmit to the brain in this case, that a ride on an airplane does not mean that something bad is going to happen. But is only a way to travel from one place to another, a destination that will bring new experiences in our book of life. So, go to overcome fears and turn them into valuable experiences!

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Relationships and removing limiting beliefs about money

I cannot put into words what a difference this has made to my life. I was feeling extremely anxious and the therapy that Maria has given me has helped tremendously. I found the sessions enjoyable and interesting and could see results after just the first session mainly focused on anxiety around my daughter and my ex-partner and anger towards certain people. I found all her BAGC6 tools extremely helpful and it made such a difference to my sense of wellbeing undertaking these tasks every day. I was excited to do them! After a couple of days of doing them, I felt so much calmer and happier and was feeling optimistic again and back to myself. In the first session, we did some work around how I could deal with my toddler in a more patient manner and the following day the technique Maria had showed me worked perfectly. I was really shocked at how quickly it worked. Once I dealt with this initial difficulty, I then started to work with finances and making money. Maria helped me to remove limiting beliefs about money, and again the tools that Maria gave me and the work at home around my financial situation and letting go of old patterns has really help. Also, what I love about the therapy is that the tools and recordings that Maria gave me are still there for me to use when I have a difficult time again. I have already recommended a friend to see Maria. I cannot thank you enough Maria for what you have helped me with.

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