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Discover how our positive thoughts can help heal the hardest diseases – Bruce Lipton

Discover how our positive thoughts can help heal the hardest diseases   There is considerable controversy about how positive thoughts may or may not help cure both physical illness and emotional, the fact is that there are investigations such as

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Laughing makes you unforgettable!

Laughing makes you unforgettable! Although the title may sound a bit exaggerated, the fact is that laugh can make us unforgettable. Laughter moves about 430 muscles in our body, activates our diaphragm (especially when we laugh out loud) and moves

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You’re Back in the Room TV Show vs Serious Clinical Hypnotherapy

You’re Back in the Room TV Show vs  Serious Clinical Hypnotherapy.  When You’re Back in the Room TV Show was first announced I thought to myself, I hope they are able to demonstrate the power of hypnosis for so long

How Can you Improve your Memory ?

How Can you Improve your Memory ? The physiological basis of memory Memory is an amazing thing; it enables us to live effectively and socially in a changing world.  It gives us the basis from which we can explore new

How to Recover Motivation

How to Recover Motivation Finishing tasks is a challenge, the idea of starting something new, no matter how small it is, even if it’s in my own home is unbearable, does this sound familiar?! Experiencing motivation loss or a lack

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How to Overcome Social Anxiety   What is happening? Initially the first step to support overcoming social anxiety is to understand what is happening when the person is feeling uncomfortable in social situations. A fact to help start this motion

How to Overcome Interview Nerves

How to overcome interview nerves Interviews can be stressful occasions; they represent a possible opportunity for failure and the loss of a desired outcome i.e. a job that you really want.  Often interviews are a gateway to more money, a

If you have Anxiety or Unhappiness or Feeling Down in the Dumps

If you have anxiety or unhappiness or feeling down in the dumps, hypnosis may be the solution Both low mood, and anxiety are two problems that affect our society and that is why more and more people try to find

Wondering how can stress affect your memory? Yes, stress affects memory

How can stress affect your memory? Stress affects memory We all have experienced stressful situations that lead to another problem linked to our memory. For example, you are late for work or a meeting and you are frantically searching the

Hypnosis as a Method to Combat Stress – Hypnosis and Stress

Hypnosis as a Method to Combat Stress – Hypnosis and Stress Stress is a phenomenon which occurs when our mind is thrown off balance by a situation which may be undesirable or unexpected. Over expectations from oneself and others or

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Hypnosis South London
Relationships and removing limiting beliefs about money

I cannot put into words what a difference this has made to my life. I was feeling extremely anxious and the therapy that Maria has given me has helped tremendously. I found the sessions enjoyable and interesting and could see results after just the first session mainly focused on anxiety around my daughter and my ex-partner and anger towards certain people. I found all her BAGC6 tools extremely helpful and it made such a difference to my sense of wellbeing undertaking these tasks every day. I was excited to do them! After a couple of days of doing them, I felt so much calmer and happier and was feeling optimistic again and back to myself. In the first session, we did some work around how I could deal with my toddler in a more patient manner and the following day the technique Maria had showed me worked perfectly. I was really shocked at how quickly it worked. Once I dealt with this initial difficulty, I then started to work with finances and making money. Maria helped me to remove limiting beliefs about money, and again the tools that Maria gave me and the work at home around my financial situation and letting go of old patterns has really help. Also, what I love about the therapy is that the tools and recordings that Maria gave me are still there for me to use when I have a difficult time again. I have already recommended a friend to see Maria. I cannot thank you enough Maria for what you have helped me with.

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