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How to Recover Motivation

How to Recover Motivation Finishing tasks is a challenge, the idea of starting something new, no matter how small it is, even if it’s in my own home is unbearable, does this sound familiar?! Experiencing motivation loss or a lack

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How to Overcome Social Anxiety   What is happening? Initially the first step to support overcoming social anxiety is to understand what is happening when the person is feeling uncomfortable in social situations. A fact to help start this motion

Mum Stop Stress & Anxiety affecting your Baby and Fertility

Mum Stop Stress & Anxiety affecting your Baby and Fertility   Anxiety is no doubt a terrible enemy in all aspects of our life.  It is now widely known how our thoughts affect our body, our energy and our physiology.

How to Overcome Interview Nerves

How to overcome interview nerves Interviews can be stressful occasions; they represent a possible opportunity for failure and the loss of a desired outcome i.e. a job that you really want.  Often interviews are a gateway to more money, a

2015! No time to lose – Make your New Year Resolutions Come True Now!

Free Individualized Advice Days  With only a few weeks to start 2015, we would like to offer you the opportunity to Drop In at this Free Consultation Day (either Wednesday 3rd of December or Saturday 10th of January 2015) and get

5 Ways to boost your brain power

5 Ways to Boost your Brain Power While we find it difficult to remember our own phone number, or bank pin, there are some people who can remember the smallest details effortlessly, and are also able to learn new things,

Quit Smoking by Hypnosis

Quit Smoking by Hypnosis Everyone knows that smoking is a habit that severely damages your health. Doctors usually warn us that we should not smoke, as this can cause cancer, emphysema, heart problems and a lot of chronic diseases that

If you have Anxiety or Unhappiness or Feeling Down in the Dumps

If you have anxiety or unhappiness or feeling down in the dumps, hypnosis may be the solution Both low mood, and anxiety are two problems that affect our society and that is why more and more people try to find

How your Stress Hurts your Children

How your Stress Hurts your Children Most of us are already aware of the harmful effects of divorce on children. It can make children feel worried, insecure and lead to lack of trust and faith in their marriage in the

How to improve sleep

If you are feeling irritable and fatigued lately, chances are that you are not getting enough sleep. Many factors can stop us from getting enough rest at night such as, work, family responsibilities, school, relationship problems, sickness and stress. Getting

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Dealing with emotional baggage – family life

“It has been very positive”

I now know how to deal with emotions and reflect more positively. I am very positive for the emotional therapy and looks that I now possess for my journey. It has been very positive.
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