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Determined Slimmer

“I’ve tried every diet there is, but the cravings still catch me out, and the portion sizes that they recommend leave me hungry all the time. Sometimes the diets seem to be a success, but I don’t stay at my goal weight for long. I’m scared to go out because I think people look at me and think I sit on the couch all day. I don’t, but finding an effective exercise routine is quite difficult when you’re big, and I can’t face going to the gym, I don’t want people to see me struggling. I’d really like to delve into the deeper reasons for my weight issues, and overcome them once and for all.

Other Issues Tend to Be:


  • I am fed up of diets, I have tried them all
  • I cannot resist the cravings
  • My portions are huge
  • I indulge in junk food
  • I hide my emotions behind food
  • I binge on food
  • I am not motivated to exercise
  • My weight goes up and down constantly
  • I am exhausted, I need something new that change my way of thinking

I Want to Improve and See Fast Results

What we offer:

  • Personalised therapy that focus on helping you kick cravings, take control of your diet, and build confidence.
  • By the time you leave us, you’ll have the tools to transform your body and your mind.
  • Guaranteed Results

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  • 1 – Diets, Diets Everywhere! (2 mins) – Do you Recognize Yourself?
  • 2 – Why do I Keep Hitting Roadblocks? (2 mins) – Brain Thrives in Associations
  • 3 – Nutrition for the Brain (2 mins) – Breaking Food Associations
  • 4 – Ready to Lose Weight? (2 mins) – How does the Programme Work?
Success Stories
Hypnosis South London
Dealing with emotional baggage – family life

“It has been very positive”

I now know how to deal with emotions and reflect more positively. I am very positive for the emotional therapy and looks that I now possess for my journey. It has been very positive.
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