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 How To Deal With Depression In The Workplace

Depression in the workplace

Depression is a mental or psychological reaction to any happening, occurrence or event that does not conform to natural or normal expectations. It ranges from simple lowness in mind and spirit, to severe psychological disorders which may even be suicidal.


In as much as robots have not completely taken over workplaces, the issue of workplace depression will always have to be contended with. Many employers in East Sussex  and London for example, complain about decreased staff productivity, ineptitude, inefficiency, low morale, isolation, lack of teamwork, etc. among their staff. They make the mistake of taking these symptoms on their face value without knowing that they could also be tell-tale signs of serious underlying psychological or mental states of depression.



By treating the issue of workplace depression as seriously as it deserves to be treated, top companies in East Sussex and London have been able to increase employee productivity, solve such issues as workplace conflicts, ineffectiveness, inability to meet set targets and general customer dissatisfaction and complaints.




How To Help Depressed Employees


Depression in the workplace


The best approach and strategies to adopt are those that are proactive. This is simply because waiting for depression to set in could have disastrous and unexpected effects.

We support companies and we offer workshops and seminars to teach their employees Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management Techniques , improving in this way their well being, reducing absentism and increasing productivity.



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The following steps will be helpful:


  1. Teach your employees about depression: Good employers and managers recognize the importance of teaching their employees to recognize the factors that could make them depressed and avoid them on time. The education process could start from the simple distribution of manuals or brochures dwelling on the issue or the invitation of specialists to give presentations from time to time. This way, employees will learn how to take things easy and seek help whenever the need arises.



  1. Create a conducive working environment: A conducive and cordial working environment will have a therapeutic and relaxing effect on employees and will help them overcome depressive tendencies and situations. One sustainable strategy of making the workplace conducive and homely is the use of Eco-therapy. This involves steps that bring nature into the workplace, and these have been scientifically proven to bring peace, harmony, and accord!



These techniques include bringing in plant species, some animal or fish species, an aquarium for instance, or natural walk parks. It could also involve the use of special full-spectrum bulbs which provide a semblance of natural sunlight and also provides the needed vitamin D which increase energy levels and reduces depressive tendencies.



  1. Discourage unnecessary office politics and unhealthy relationships: Office politics and relationships between co-workers are a common feature of workplaces; but if they go out of hand, they can have devastating effects and could lead to depression, lack of zeal or downright fights and quarrels.



  1. Be prepared for any unexpected happenings: Being proactive as has been said, remains the most effective strategy for handling workplace depression. There must be First Aid equipment in place, Psychologists or Psychiatrists should be a phone call away, even the police should not be left out. Of course, these services are readily accessible in East Sussex and London.


Therapy Help


Various therapies can be helpful for dealing with workplace depression, but the best approach will be aimed at identifying the triggers, diagnosing the signs and symptoms and of course, coming up with a sustainable solution. Mindfulness and Meditation are great practises that can be easily incorporated in the workplace. We support companies and we offer workshops and seminars to teach their employees Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management Techniques , improving in this way their well being, reducing absentism and increasing productivity.



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I've suffered from constant anxiety for as long as I can remember, particularly from social anxiety and fear of public speaking, to the point that my office jobs were no longer manageable and I was very close to fall deeply into depression. I had very little self-confidence, despite having progressed in my career and achieved many of my professional and personal goals. However, I got to a point in which I wasn't able to progress any further due to my the constant fear of being evaluated and criticised by others, which paralysed me and stopped me from speaking up and being more visible. My day to day prior to the sessions was absolutely controlled by my anxiety and lack of confidence due to past experiences, mainly during my childhood. Having done a number of therapies before (eMDR, CBT) I was sceptical at first, but I wanted to give hypnotherapy and the BAGC6 a go. After around 13 sessions I can say that I'm in a much better place than when I started. My constant anxiety has hugely decreased, and I'm now able to perform tasks that I thought were impossible a month ago, like giving a speech in front of my colleagues without having a panic attack or simply socialising with new people at a party. My perspective on things is now different and I've gained new confidence which allows me to speak and interact with others without fear. Maria has been great in understanding my issues and creating a very tailored treatment (hypnosis, eMDR, etc) to tackle these. She's always been very determined and a firm believer in a full recovery which has been very helpful, particularly in moments when I wanted to give up. She's also giving me tools and techniques that I can use to manage emotions and to stay focused (like auto-hypnosis) and I'm using these almost on a daily basis to continue building on my confidence and resilience. As per the fear of flying, this is something that I still need to test, but I'm confident that I will have also overcome it in the same way that I've beaten my anxiety disorder. I can only be grateful to Maria for all her help and for believing in me since day 1, and totally recommend her treatment!

Thanks so much!
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