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How To Properly Handle A Difficult Child

Children are blessings, but they can be quite a handful sometimes. Stubborn children are very challenging to have and train. Doing simple everyday chores like eating their meals, washing their hands, etc. will almost be a battle between them and their parents.


Experts in East Sussex are of the opinion that parents sometimes create these unruly behaviours and stubbornness in their children when they over-indulge them. They opine that the best approach to solving this problem is to show the child that his or her behaviour simply doesn’t work and will attract punishment.

Difficult Child – EFT and Mindfulness

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How To Identify A Difficult Child



Children must be children and will sometimes exhibit some questionable and unsavory character traits. The basic attributes of a difficult child include:


  • He or she is strong-willed and will always many questions and will never seem to be satisfied with the given answers. A stubborn child may still go ahead to take certain actions against the parents’ will simply because he or she believes his or her opinion is the right one. This attitude is rebellious, and a difficult child exhibits it frequently.


  • A difficult child will always seek attention and will like to be heard and acknowledged.


  • He or she grumbles and throws tantrums frequently and will even cry or attempt to destroy things at home if he or she doesn’t have his or her way.



Helpful Handling Tips


In attempting to handle a difficult child, it is important first to ascertain whether the child is simply strong-willed or downright difficult and stubborn. Strong-willed children are usually intelligent and creative, and most of them turn out as good business people and leaders. The following tips will be helpful in handling difficult children:


  • Respect them: Children are rapidly evolving due to the vast channels of information at their disposal, and the ones in East Sussex are not an exception. Show them that you respect them and they will, of course, respect you in return and keep to your rules.


  • Hear them out: Listen carefully to their opinions and offer explanations why they may be wrong.


  • Make sure the environment at home is peaceful and cordial: If the home is chaotic and they observe their parents quarrelling and arguing all the time, they will follow suit since they learn fast from observation. We offer services that support parents to reduce their anxiety.


  • Reward them: Children have a certain honor in them. When you appreciate them for behaving correctly and reward them when necessary, they will keep at it just to make you happy.


  • Allow options: Difficult children have a certain penchant for trying to resist any binding laws. When you leave them with no options, they will try to resist your orders. Leaving them with options allows them to exercise a bit of choice and will encourage their cooperation.



Therapy Help


Most parents in East Sussex who have contacted me for help about their difficult children do not only want to make them more cooperative and well behaved; they also want to find out the underlying causes of these traits. Most of these traits may be psychological or as a result of any underlying mental condition. Counselling can be very helpful,  but other therapies can also be employed such as EFT and Mindfulness, which can be taught to the children.


Each case is peculiar and so determining the applicable approaches are dependent on individual conditions and circumstances and will be mutually determined during initial consultation. Information regarding the various therapies and solutions is available on my website.


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