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Your head rests on the pillow, within a few minutes you feel your whole body succumb to the intense cosiness of your duvet, your skin caressed by fresh linen sheets, and you drift off gently into a world of your own, safe, calm, content…

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Yet if you’re one of the forty per cent of people worldwide who suffers from insomnia, it can often feel as if you’re never at peace, like a hamster treading on an endless wheel, longing for respite that never comes. Insomnia has an array of symptoms and side effects, including:

• Inability to sleep, sometimes for days, even though you’re exhausted
• Broken sleep
• Bouts of low mood, frustration and anxiety
• Dependence on sleeping pills, alcohol or other substances to get you off to sleep.
• Fatigue and moodiness at work or home

Try the Treatment that Dreams are Made of

Sleep is the ultimate form of uninterrupted ‘me time’ that allows your mind and body to relax, replenish and repair, and we cannot go without it for long without becoming easily distracted, stressed and ill. But what better way to encourage deep, purifying sleep than in a gentle trance state?

Hypnotherapy for insomnia allows your brain to enter a state of relaxed awareness, so that you and your hypnotherapist can tackle the cause of your insomnia, and re-familiarise your brain with what it’s like to be completely at rest. After a few sessions, you’ll be able to access the relaxed state much more easily on your own, so during nights when you’re tossing and turning, you have a method for soothing your brain.

So what are you waiting for, call us today and let us help you sleep easy tomorrow.

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