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Hypnotherapy Research

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Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for IBS

Psychological approach to managing irritable bowel syndrome

Inhibition of Immediate-type Hypersensitivity Response by Direct Suggestion Under Hypnosis

Adrenal function and inhibition of allergic responses under hypnosis

Hypnosis and fear of flying

Hypnotic treatment of asthma

Hypnosis, Sleep and Electro-Encephalography,_Sleep_and_Electro_Encephalography.4.aspx

The Psychodynamic Treatment of Combat Neuroses (Ptsd) With Hypnosis During World War II1

The value of hypnosis in the treatment of chronic PTSD with dissociative fugues in a war veteran;jsessionid=0D0A3A2AA99005C65AB98C0A591C2757.f03t03?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false


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Hypnosis South London
Dealing with emotional baggage – family life

“It has been very positive”

I now know how to deal with emotions and reflect more positively. I am very positive for the emotional therapy and looks that I now possess for my journey. It has been very positive.
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