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What is Reiki ?

Feel the delicate warmth of soothing energy with reiki. Reiki is a traditional Buddhist healing treatment that harnesses the innate energy of humanity to calm and heal others in a completely natural way. But what does that actually mean? Well, as humans, we all have electromagnetic energy running through. Usually, our brain uses this energy to transmit messages and commands to the rest of our body. Using a similar principal to that of modern acupuncture, Buddhists found that by laying their hands on specific points on the body, they could calm others, and sometimes even heal their pain. Reiki is generally used on patients with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Low mood and anxiety

How does it work?

Although reiki may sound more spiritual than medical, many studies exist which demonstrate that Reiki can be effective in chronic pain management and stress, (Engebretson, Wardell, 1994, Shore, 2004, Olsen, 2001,) and some suggest that it balances the amount of Gamma waves in the brain, allowing patients to become less stressed and more aware during treatment (NCCAM)

In hospitals that have adopted Reiki as a regular compliment to the medical attention that the patients receive, results have suggested that Reiki helps to relieve both pain and stress. Clinical data from Wentworth-Douglass hospital, for example, shows that in 2007, of 900 patients that tested positive for stress or pain before reiki,. many had reduced pain and almost three quarters had decreased stress levels afterwards.

Above all reiki should be used as a de-stress mechanism in conjunction with other pain management techniques, as this is when it is most effective. To find out more about the benefits of reiki or book your first session, give us a call, and let us help you today!

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