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Self-doubting Savant

“I often feel situations spiralling out of control quickly, and it’s natural for me to feel I’m not good enough to achieve anything, or that there’s something wrong with the way I am. I rarely date or socialise I find myself really annoying and I think others will too. I know all my flaws well enough, I’d hate for anyone else to see them, so I tend to stick to my comfort zone, same type of friends, same type of men, same job, . Sometimes, I manage to cut through my self-doubt, but it’s hard to keep the negative self-talk at bay, in fact it can feel comforting because it helps me live up to my high standards, my mind won’t let me slack off. I need to find a way to feel good about myself, because my insecurities are pushing people away.

Other Issues Tend to Be:

  • I cannot progress professionally
  • I am not good enough
  • I am nervous when going to interviews
  • I am scared to socialise
  • I keep dating the same kind of man
  • I cannot find a partner. I am scared to date
  • My mind keep relieving memories of the past
  • I keep projecting negative outcomes in the future
  • I am not able to see my way forward
  • I am scared of success / I believe I cannot be successful
  • My father/mother/teacher always said I was good for nothing, they may be correct

I Want to Improve and See Fast Results

What we offer:

  • A fully personalised range of guided, one-to-one techniques to re-programme deeply held negative beliefs about yourself, turning them into healthy, positive ones that will help you succeed.
  • By the time you leave us, you’ll be well on your way to having healthy self-esteem levels.
  • Guaranteed Results

Discover How the “Beat Anxiety & Gain Confidence 6 Steps Programme” can Help You Succeed

  • 1 – Mastering the Mind – (2 mins ) – Introduction to Where your Confidence Lives.
  • 2 – Hurting your Health – (2 mins) – Lack of Confidence is The Root of Anxiety & Panic – This Hurts your Health!
  • 3 – Secrets of the Subconscious – (2 mins) – Confidence is Harnessed in your Subconscious, but How did it Learn such a Destructive Behavior?
  • 4 – The Perfect Programme – BAGC 6 (2 mins) – Reveals How we can Help you with this Surprisingly Fast 6 Steps Programme.
Success Stories
Hypnosis South London
Communication difficulties and nerves at a professional level. 

"I don’t fear communicating with colleagues or bosses"

I had a challenge with being able to communicate for previous years and it became so bad that during conference calls at work I would get sweaty palms and felt, actually I don’t think I can talk about what I need to discuss, because it will be wrong anyway (a mini anxiety attack)! So,  I was stumbling as I was speaking and when I paused, it felt like a 1000 years had gone by.

I contacted Maria and the first session was definitely an immediate impact and as the weeks/sessions (6) went by,  all of the symptoms mentioned above started to go away to the point of never returning.

It has been nearly a year now since we had our first session and I can honestly say,  the best investment of my life. I don’t fear communicating with colleagues or bosses and I just say what I feel in a pragmatic and logical way. Not stumbling on my words and when I pause,  I do it intentionally as a communication tool. I am really grateful and extremely happy right now. I would really recommend anyone to just give it a try.

Thank you Maria!
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