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 Maria Lazcano Fuentes

Training and Qualifications

Maria Lazcano Fuentes runs a busy and happy practice in London and Bexhill on Sea, while helping clients remotely all over Europe. She is the creator of the BAGC 6 – The Beat Anxiety & Gain Confidence 6 Steps Programme, that aims to obtain rapid improvements in clients lives. She is  part of the well being radio team of Women Today and a member of the Calm Farm Team, a not for profit organisation, that promotes social inclusion, develop skills for learning, life, employment and well being of children, parents and carers in Bexhill on Sea.  Additionally she is also a business partner of the Family Law Firm Grayfords solicitors,  offering her services to help their clients overcome anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fears and lack of happiness amongst other things.  She has a special passion to develop integration and reduce isolation  among teenagers with Moderate Learning Disabilities and back in December 2015 created  SN Social Group, a group designed to break barriers and build a strong and supportive community for those youngsters that may feel isolated.

As  a result of her own personal experiences, she changed from a career in management and finance to one in Complementary Medicine. She trained with great passion  in:

* Clinical Hypnotherapy and Medical Hypnotherapy (as a complementary therapy and not as a treatment).

* Analytical, Gelstalt and  Regression Hypnotherapy

* Pediatric Hypnotherapy

* EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

* NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

* EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & Matrix Reimprinting

* Parts Therapy

* MRT – Matrix Regeneration Therapy & Bioresonance

She trained with some of the best experts in these fields, including Karl Dawson, creator of Matrix Reimprinting and Dr John Butler in Medical Hypnotherapy,  Dr Brian Roet in Part Therapy and the Directors of the NCH in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has also undertaken training in Germany in the field of Bioresonance – Matrix Renegeration Therapy.

Being originally from Spain, she has lived in  London since  she was a teenager,  when she felt in loved with the British culture and the beauty of the English countryside. She speaks English and Spanish at a bilingual level and help clients in both languages.  Her practice is a happy and friendly place, where you can often find clients sharing their experiences and having a good laugh.

Get to know Maria a bit more:

“I used to fail English and Maths at school over and over again.  At the time, I thought I strongly disliked them.  I was also a very shy girl, but life has it’s mysterious ways and I ended up living in England by choice (it is now over 25 years here and I am totally in love with the culture and the beautiful countryside). I developed a successful career using English as a main language and maths as part of my financial background.  If someone had told me as a child or young teenager how my life was going to turn out, I would have thought they were mad. :=).   I have come across so many stories similar to mine!  We all have  a box full of surprises awaiting to be opened.  Sometimes, it just happens by itself, and other times we just need that gentle little push to make it happen.  I see the therapies I use as the little push that we all need at some point in our lives to open that magical box.” Offering Hypnosis in South London.

Professional Memberships:

GCH – General Council of Hypnotherapists CNHC – Complementary & Natural Health Council Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

Success Stories
Hypnosis South London
Relationships and removing limiting beliefs about money

I cannot put into words what a difference this has made to my life. I was feeling extremely anxious and the therapy that Maria has given me has helped tremendously. I found the sessions enjoyable and interesting and could see results after just the first session mainly focused on anxiety around my daughter and my ex-partner and anger towards certain people. I found all her BAGC6 tools extremely helpful and it made such a difference to my sense of wellbeing undertaking these tasks every day. I was excited to do them! After a couple of days of doing them, I felt so much calmer and happier and was feeling optimistic again and back to myself. In the first session, we did some work around how I could deal with my toddler in a more patient manner and the following day the technique Maria had showed me worked perfectly. I was really shocked at how quickly it worked. Once I dealt with this initial difficulty, I then started to work with finances and making money. Maria helped me to remove limiting beliefs about money, and again the tools that Maria gave me and the work at home around my financial situation and letting go of old patterns has really help. Also, what I love about the therapy is that the tools and recordings that Maria gave me are still there for me to use when I have a difficult time again. I have already recommended a friend to see Maria. I cannot thank you enough Maria for what you have helped me with.

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