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Workplace Stress - We can help with the Beat Anxiety and Gain Confidence 6 Steps System

3 Ways In Managing Workplace Stress


What workplace stress is

Workplace stress – Hearing individuals complain about stress from their workplace isn’t strange. Stress arises when job demands exceed the available resources to perform them (internally and externally). Workplace stress have been observed to rise alarmingly in recent times. The recent rise has been ascribed to various factors, ranging from a noxious work environment, job insecurity to advancement in technology demands and increasing pressure on the performance level of workers.


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The effects of workplace stress

Some physical health issues have been identified with workplace stress. Some of these problems include stomach upset, headaches and muscle tensions. The health issues associated with workplace stress exceeds physical health issues alone. It also includes psychological issues as anxiety, burnout and depression.

To a corporation, workplace stress can reduce productivity to a great extent. American Institute of stress ascertained in 2014 that organizations suffers loss in productivity worth $300 billion yearly. This loss was attributed to spendings on healthcare, turnover and absenteeism.

Stress derived from work has further effect apart from the career frustration which it infuses to the aggrieved employee. Work has been identified as a source of stress and interferes in the home responsibilities of employees according to a recent survey conducted within the last decade.

Stress isn’t a point of no-return. There is hope as the implementation of various strategies can help to reduce workplace stress, hence avoiding its gruesome consequences (social and economic). Implementing such approaches comprehensively will foster resilience and promote work conditions, hence productivity and satisfaction to the individual.


Getting help

  1. In the quest for proper management of stress, some programs have been designed to assist individuals achieve this. Relaxation, meditation, conflict resolution, time management and hypnosis are found to have been effective in helping employees cope with stress at their workplace.

Located in London & Bexhill on Sea, we offer an extensive list of therapies which are renowned to assist you in overcoming the effects associated with stress. Our services are convenient, accessible and engaging, also available by Skype. This can be of assistance to employees battling the ever-increasing problems associated with work related stress.  Our established techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ) and Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) amongst others will help you find fulfillment and gain satisfaction in doing your job, hence, increasing productivity.


  1. INDIVIDUALS also have roles to play in reducing stress from workplaces. Identifying the cause of the problem is a major step in resolving the problem. In most cases, professional help is needed in identifying this. We can help you do this using a wide range of therapies. Our contact can be found via our web address Lifestyles also have a role to play in stress management. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and sound sleep are great steps to manage stress.


  1. EMPLOYERS can reduce workplace stress by putting a check to the factors that contribute to workplace stress. Increased pressure to perform, job insecurity and in-conducive working environment contribute to the rise of workplace stress. If these factors are put in check, and the appropriate measure of resources are handed out to employees to carry out their jobs, then stress can reduced to a very considerable level which will boost the health and will reduce the low productivity in workplaces.


The bulk of the responsibility in reducing workplace stress lies with the individuals concerned. Reaching out and seeking professional help can be beneficial in achieving the desired goal of reducing stress. At, London, Bexhill, East Sussex & by Skype we help you to identify your sources of stress and develop the right strategies to help manage stress.


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