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5 Ways to Boost your Brain Power

While we find it difficult to remember our own phone number, or bank pin, there are some people who can remember the smallest details effortlessly, and are also able to learn new things, much faster. Also, not that most of us lacks mental power comparable to that of others, it’s just, careless waste of time without keeping our brain active, allowing our brain power and our memory deteriorate with time.

We all want to have a good memory and better brain power and – fortunately – your genetics is not the only factor that controls the way your brain works. Apart from exercise with the rapid identification card, there are plenty of ways to improve your memory and make sure your brain is able to quickly learn new things.


This is one of the best things you can do for your body and your mind. There are many diseases that can lead to overweight, and many of these conditions, in fact, affect the way your brain work. Additionally, exercise improves blood circulation to the brain, which is vital for it to function better. There is also the risk of the formation of plaques in your blood vessels, obstructing blood flow to the brain – this can be reduced effectively by exercising. Some good choices include: swimming, walking swiftly, dance and  yoga.
Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night consistently not only lifts your mood in the morning, but also improves your memory. When you sleep, your memories are consolidated in the brain, which, otherwise, would feel lazy or lost the next day. That’s why experts recommend some sleep before an exam, to make sure that everything you learned last night is kept in your mind. You can also take a nap during the day to retain some memories, which also gives you a quick boost, so you’re more keen and active when you are awake.

Reduce Stress

Anxiety can take a toll on your brain. To the negative, such as nervousness, fear and anger emotions can cause deterioration of certain regions of the brain responsible for memory. While the short-term anxiety can afford to work under pressure, if used positively, anxiety and prolonged stress can lead to more damage. Stress and other factors, is one of the damages it causes to the brain.

One of the main symptoms of anxiety and stress is the inability to concentrate, which can also lead to lack of memory. this also increases levels of cortisol, which lowers the power of certain brain areas, particularly the hippocampus, where recent memories are stored.

Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for good reason. Taking a healthy breakfast with eggs, oatmeal or fruit, you can promote the performance of your brain. Eggs are especially important, because it contains B vitamins, which allow nerve cells to convert glucose into energy. The Omega 3 in whole grains, nuts and seeds, may actually stimulate nerve function and make your brain work at its optimum capacity.

Reduce TV time

Watching television requires very little mental effort, which means you’re not exercising your brain enough, if you do it for too long. Therefore, choose another form of entertainment. Shopping is an alternative to TV, excellent, because it requires more power and mental activity. Even video games are a good option. These require productive thinking, which is good for your brain, but that does not mean you should spend all day playing them. Perhaps the best kind of entertainment for many people is reading. When you read, you store information in your brain and memorize it all the time.

Ways to boost your brain power

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