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Estoy Harta de Dietas!

Estoy Harta de Dietas! “He intentado todas las dietas que hay, pero los antojos todavía se me resisten, y el tamaño de las porciones que se recomiendan me dejan con hambre. A veces las dietas parecen ser todo un éxito,

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Estoy Estancada

Estoy Estancada “A menudo siento como las situaciones se me escapan de las manos y tengo dudas. Para mi es natural el sentir que no soy lo suficientemente bueno para lograr algo, o que hay algo malo con mi manera

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Tengo Ansiedad Y Ataques de Pánico

Tengo Ansiedad Y Ataques de Pánico Mi ansiedad puede venir por todo tipo de razones, desde estar atrapado en un coche , a tener miedo a dar una charla en el trabajo. No es sólo la sensación de tener miedo,

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Determined Slimmer

Determined Slimmer “I’ve tried every diet there is, but the cravings still catch me out, and the portion sizes that they recommend leave me hungry all the time. Sometimes the diets seem to be a success, but I don’t stay

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Self-doubting Savant

Self-doubting Savant “I often feel situations spiralling out of control quickly, and it’s natural for me to feel I’m not good enough to achieve anything, or that there’s something wrong with the way I am. I rarely date or socialise

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Anxious & Panicky

Anxious & Panicky My anxiety can come on for all sorts of reasons, from being stuck in a car on my own, to failing a presentation. It’s not just feeling of being scared, I often freeze up and start to

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“I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations”

I went to Maria in hypnosissouthlondon because studying and working at the same time was difficult, I used the BAGC6 method and it helped me with concentration, memory, comprehension, reading in English and leadership, I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations. I felt really confident during the sessions and Maria was helping me all the time during the process. Very good experience.

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