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MLFuentes was created to help and to heal, and we believe that charity and community work is very important. For this reason, we’ve built our book stores not only to guide the readers on a self-help journey, but also to benefit the community. All the proceeds from our book sales go to the Riding for The Disabled Association, who work tirelessly each year to give children with a range of disabilities the opportunity to improve their mobility, socialise with gentle horses, and have a riding experience which is deeply fulfilling on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. To find out more about what the charity does, please visit


  • Arthritis Relief

    This accessible guide provides insight and advice on how to manage arthritis. Whether you’re completely new to the condition or someone who has had years of experience, this comprehensive exploration of the traditional and emergent treatments for arthritis has something for everyone, including a range of beneficial stretches designed to gently exercise your joints, and a a guide to corrective surgery, self treatment and holistic medicine.

  • Gluten Free Living Secrets

    Should you be avoiding gluten? Over the last twenty years, gluten has become a huge part of contemporary food manufacture, but despite this, most consumers know very little about how it can affect the body. Perfect for anyone interested in nutrition, this book is a short critical discussion of the dangers of gluten, and gives useful advice on how to reduce or cut out gluten altogether.

  • Beating Bulimia

    Bulimia currently affects between one and two per cent of women in the UK alone. Featuring an introduction to what causes bulimia, how to recognise and start to correct behavioural patterns associated with the condition, and a section on recovery. This guide is written to help worldwide bulimia sufferers and their loved ones get out of the destructive hold that the condition often has over the lives it touches.,

  • Lowering your cholestrol

    A lot of us are aware that bad cholesterol puts us at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke, but far fewer people are aware of what cholesterol is, and what makes it ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ This book aims to demystify the world of cholesterol, making it easier for you to understand and combat bad cholesterol effectively through diet.

  • How to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Many things about the cause of irritable bowel syndrome are still unknown, and doctors are yet to find a cure. Until they do, many people feel that they must manage their IBS completely alone. This book was written as a helping hand to those living with IBS. It discusses some important coping strategies which every IBS sufferer could benefit from, such as pain management techniques, diet advice, and alternative treatments which are designed to ease the symptoms of the condition.

  • The New Age Handbook

    Ever wondered what exactly ‘New Age’ was these days? This handbook acts as an introduction to all things ‘New Age, with a focus on self-improvement. The book delves into the rich history of the New Age movement, examining what we can learn about ourselves as spiritual beings through the new age movement.

  • Easing your stress with yoga

    Experience true relief from everyday stresses through yoga! Using this handbook, you can learn how to tap into the many different types of therapeutic yoga to achieve a state of full relaxation. This book also explores, how yoga may help your attitude towards your health and well being, and encourage a positive outlook towards life.

  • A Beginners Guide to Meditation

    Lots of people talk about using meditation to help them get though rough spots in their life, or simply to relax and centre themselves. If you’re a beginner though, it’s difficult to know where start. In this book, you will find all you need in order to start your meditative journey, from the spiritual and cultural background of meditation to the practical exercises built to help you achieve a higher state of consciousness.

  • Eating your way to fitness

    Nowadays, fitness is more associated with exercise rather than actual food consumption, but in reality, an understanding of how your body processes food is just as important as the time spent at the gym. The act of eating can and should be an enjoyable experience, and this book shows you some of the ways that you can say yes to food and fitness, approaching subjects like body type, food and metabolism, and effective goal management, so that you have the know-how to take control of your diet without stress or fear.

  • How to stop anxiety attacks

    Increasing your metabolism can help you do many things, such as retain a healthy body weight or manage your stress levels, but so many people do not know how to use metabolism to their advantage. The focus of this book is to teach people how metabolism works, so that they can use it to make their diet and fitness routine work more effectively.

  • Metabolism Master class

    Increasing your metabolism can help you do many things, such as retain a healthy body weight or manage your stress levels, but so many people do not know how to use metabolism to their advantage. The focus of this book is to teach people how metabolism works, so that they can use it to make their diet and fitness routine work more effectively.

  • Healthy Sleep – A Guide to Natural Sleep Remedies

    Insomnia can cause a serious disruption to your life, and it can be difficult to know what to do if the treatments you try do not work consistently. This book is a catalogue of natural remedies that will help you to switch off and relax. Featuring information about the calming properties of a variety of herbs and minerals, this guide will help you on your way to restful sleep.

  • The Handbook of Relaxation

    Relaxation is vital if you want to lead a happy, balanced life, but sometimes, achieving full, deep relaxation is difficult without guidance, especially if your daily routine is generally hectic. This book provides a wealth of techniques geared to help you relax. Whether you want to try meditation or just learn about how to de-stress, this book will help you kickstart your journey towards a more serene existence.

  • Stress Management

    Many people regard stress as a natural reaction to taking on more work or entering a new and uncomfortable environment. Sadly though, high stress levels are proven to knock years off your life, and there’s nothing natural about that. In this book, we introduce you to an array of natural coping mechanisms that will help you do away with dangerous stress levels so that you can transform stress into a positive motivational force rather than a ticking time bomb that could mark the end of your life.

  • Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

    Issues surrounding high blood pressure can contribute to serious conditions such as heart disease and strokes. Blood pressure conditions do not cause a consistent set of symptoms, which is why it is so important to understand how to prevent high blood pressure. This book explains the science behind blood pressure in a simple, easy to understand way. It is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of blood pressure management using natural remedies.

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