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Celebrities and Hypnotherapy


Tiger Woods (golf pro): Notoriously used a hypnotic approach from the time that he had been a young child. They used a combination of a hypnotic approach, nlp, in addition to visual images to aid them to concentrate in addition to increase his / her focus in addition to “get in the zone”.. among the best paid for sports activities megastars and quite a few prosperous people ever.

Dorrie Hooker (athlete): Won some sort of Gold Medal at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Video game titles inside the Scratching post Container. They set his achievements as a result of not simply his committed education routines in addition to high goals, but many thanks a hypnotic approach pertaining to helping them to picture his achievements repeatedly to ensure that he sensed totally comfy.

Jackie Kennedy: Took non-public times using a hypno-therapist to aid the woman’s recover from the heartbreaking death associated with the woman’s husband.

Kevin Costner (actor): Acquired the services of his own non-public hypnotherapist flown out and about to Hawaii (while he had been filming Waterworld) to heal his sea-sickness that was creating obstacles during his  filming program .

Sophie Dahl (model): Sophie had been some sort of “plus sized” model from England. Using a hypnotic approach she shed so much body weight! . She is now a size 8.

Sylvester Stallone worked with the famous hypnotist Gil Boyne whilst filming Rocky in 1975.

Minister Winston Churchill  used post-hypnotic strategies as a way to be awaken in addition to carry out his  obligations  in the course of WWII.

Steve McAfee used a hypnotic approach to aid his employees stand out.

Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher in addition to Charlize Theron quit smoking by way of a hypnotic approach.

Princess Diana used a hypnotic approach to gain self confidence and speak in public comfortably, according to her autobiography presenter Sheila Hancock

Michael Jackson used hypnotic approaches to get rid of musical mental blocks.

Goethe, writer and scientist and Chopin, pianist and composer took lessons in hypnosis at the University of Strasbourg.

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