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How To Recover From Traumatic Stress & Glow Again


Traumatic stress is a natural emotional response to any unpleasant happening or experience.  One bad thing about traumatic experiences is that their effects are not limited to the people who experienced them. They have a spillover effect that reaches out to those who merely listen to the news or heard stories of the wanton terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other forms of unpleasant happenings all around the world.


Traumatic experiences exert a toll on the mind and emotions causing upheavals, fear, and confusion. Through the course of my work, I have come across many residents of Bexhill who told me stories of different experiences that have left them helplessly traumatized.


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Signs And Symptoms Of Traumatic Stress


The signs may be emotional or physical. The emotional ones include:



  • Shock and a feeling of disbelief: The person may find it difficult to accept the reality of the event.


  • Fear and anxiety: There will be an overwhelming sense of fear and expectation that the unpleasant event will happen again.


  • Sadness and grief: This is especially if the death of an acquaintance or a loved one is involved.


  • Guilt: One may feel guilty that he or she didn’t do enough to save the situation.


  • Anger: The feeling of anger towards the government or those responsible for the unpleasant experience is common.



The physical reactions include:


  • Rapid heartbeat with a feeling of seizure.
  • Numbness or paralysis.
  • Flushing or redness of the skin.
  • Tightness in the stomach.
  • Confusion and disorientation.





Helpful Tips For Recovering


The following tips can help you overcome traumatic stress and regain balance and recover control of your life:


  • Minimize exposure to stressors: These include graphic news coverage and images.


  • Accept the fact that you are undergoing traumatic stress: Accepting the fact that all the symptoms and uneasiness you are experiencing is as a result of what happened and nothing more, is a natural part of the healing process.


  • Refuse to feel hopeless and helpless: One major effect of traumatic experiences is that they try to put you down. You must refuse the feeling that there is nothing you can do and take even little steps or actions to get yourself on your feet again. You must try to continue with your normal routines and activities.


  • Join a community: Interacting with others who share similar experiences, or volunteering to any cause that is focused on the betterment of humanity will be helpful. They abound in Bexhill here, be on the lookout for them and join.


  • Exercise yourself: Exercising is beneficial to both the body and the mind. During exercise, endorphins or ‘feel good’ hormones are released into the body, and they help the recovery process immensely.


  • Engage in relaxation practices: These include transcendental meditation, controlled breathing, Tai Chi or Yoga.


  • Eat healthy diets: Experts are of the opinion that eating unhealthy foods like processed, high carbohydrate and sugary food could worsen the traumatic experience. A better option is eating healthy or clean foods which have high fruit and vegetable content, high-quality proteins and healthy fats including omega-3 fats.



Therapy Help


Various therapies can be helpful for recovering from traumatic stress, but the best approach will be aimed at identifying the stressors, diagnosing the signs and symptoms and of course, coming up with a sustainable solution.


In my practice in Bexhill & London, offering also sessions by Skype, I usually employ Mindfulness, Suggestion Therapy, Parts Therapy, EMDR, EFT, Reiki, etc. However, determining the best approach to use is dependent on individual conditions and circumstances and is mutually determined on consultation. Information regarding the various therapies and solutions is available on my website.

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