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How To Survive An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Many people, especially in this Bexhill & London area, have asked me what to do to survive an emotionally abusive relationship. I usually feel sympathetic for them because I can imagine the torturous and sad life they are living.


An emotionally abusive relationship is one where the individual’s emotions and feelings are not respected and are frequently undermined. Surviving an emotionally abusive relationship is usually an arduous task. This is because the element of love or initial attraction usually interferes with any attempt at detaching from the abusive partner.


Many of the emotionally abused people in Bexhill and London when interviewed, usually confess that they are still in love with their partners or exes. Irrespective of the amount of hurt that they have received, they are willing to give love a second chance!


Surviving this form of abuse is something you must do if you must regain your health, calm your troubled mind and regain your self-worth. The attempt at freedom or detachment is even more demanding for people who circumstances make it unavoidable that they will still maintain howbeit minimal contact with their abuser. This is sometimes because of the kids, where they attend the same school or work in the same organisation, however hold not doubt that you can survive.  I leave you here this amazing poem written by Maddy Smith:

The Emotional Vampire by Maddy Smith.

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Helpful Tips For Detaching Yourself


As has been aforementioned, emotionally detaching yourself from an abusive partner is not an easy task. It usually requires a change in behavior, attitude or character. The right strategy should not be aimed at empowering your abuser or running away, but rather at denying him or her of the power to abuse you. You need to be able to feel psychologically unattached and indifferent if you must survive this traumatic experience.


The following tips will help you successfully detach from an abuser:


  • You must have a true and acceptable standard of love, not an exaggerated, obsessive or lustful feeling which you may misconstrue as love.


  • You must be able to ascertain the mental or psychological condition of your abuser correctly. A psychologically imbalanced person, a sociopath or someone who has schizophrenia will never change. So seeking proper medical intervention will be of help in situations like this.


  • You can survive and still live a worthwhile life without that abusive relationship. Your life and happiness do not in any way, depend on it!


  • It is important that you remove any ‘hooks’ placed on you by your abuser. A typical hook could be in the form of guilt. Feeling guilty for either detaching yourself or even walking away completely will do you no good. You have to assess the situation and accept it for what it is and then, do what is best for you.


Are you in a Narcissist Relationship?

Find here resources that will help you to identify it. Before you watch the videos below, I would like to recommend you to take full responsibility for your well being and if needed to watch this together with someone who could support you. Some of the videos could be distressing.


Some of the videos could be distressing. Click here to the  blog and videos.


Therapy Help


Various therapies can be helpful in relieving or releasing people caged in emotionally abusive relationships. Counselling (not offered out offices), Suggestion Therapy, Parts Therapy, Regression Hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, etc. can be employed; but the best approach will be aimed at finding out the underlying causes that keep you trapped in this abusive relationship and of course, coming up with a sustainable solution. This is how my practice in Bexhill and London are structured.


Determining the best approach is dependent on individual conditions and circumstances and is mutually determined on consultation. Information regarding the various therapies and solutions is available on my website.


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