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A Silent Killer

Stress-it greys your hair, puts strain on your relationships and ultimately could shorten your life and damage your DNA according to a recent study. No matter how successful and well adjusted you are, sometimes when your life’s been hectic for a while, stress creeps into your subconscious before your brain can put up barriers, trickling in like rain water until there’s too much for you to cope with and it bursts through the floodgates.

If left unchecked, too much stress can lead to:

• Broken relationships with loved ones
• sleepless nights,
• Severe anxiety disorders and depression.
• Premature death

But why am I always so Stressed?

It’s important to realise that stress is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a learned neurobiological response that dates right back to the time when our ancestors had to defend themselves in the wild. Since our brain still thinks stress an important survival mechanism, stress responses are created too early in our lives for us to remember any other way.

Maybe you got lost in the supermarket as a young child, and being distressed caught people’s attention and got you home safely, or maybe you saw your parents getting stressed out frequently. Experiences like these make us think that it is not only natural to be highly stressed, but that it is unavoidable unless you’re prepared to go on anti-anxiety meds. What many people don’t know is that since holistic treatment such as hypnotherapy has become readily available to all, this is no longer the case.

A Natural Cure

Prescription anxiety medicines only supress the release of stress chemicals in the brain, they do nothing to actually stop the brain from wanting to create them in response to problems. This means that that as soon as you run out of tablets, it’s likely your stress levels will rise again. Hypnotherapy on the other hand trains your subconscious to react differently to trying situations, which stops the stress chemicals from being released altogether.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

As a qualified hypnotherapist, I can:

• Help you deal with the root cause of your anxiety,
• Show you how to turn feelings of frustration into something positive rather than something stressful.
• Teach you how to relax at will

Like the Sound of Deep Relaxation?

Get in touch today, and we can get started on your very own anti-stress programme

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Success Stories
Hypnosis South London
Develop memory, focus, understanding, leading and dealt with money fears – Skype - London

“I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations”

I went to Maria in hypnosissouthlondon because studying and working at the same time was difficult, I used the BAGC6 method and it helped me with concentration, memory, comprehension, reading in English and leadership, I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations. I felt really confident during the sessions and Maria was helping me all the time during the process. Very good experience.

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