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 Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking looks like an easy task, but it’s not!  Fear and anxiety related to public speaking ranks among the greatest fears of most people interviewed in East Sussex & London. They admitted that they suffered severe anxiety and almost sank to the ground at their first attempt.

Public speaking involves the process of addressing an audience while being the major point of focus. It is an intellectual art which must also be learned and mastered. Ordinarily, the ability to be a good public speaker improves with time as more stage confidence is gained

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What Are The Causative Factors?

There are a myriad of causative factors. The most common ones, however, are physical and emotional problems. The physical problems as identified by a recent study carried out in East Sussex & London include:


  • Body shaming: Most people who are prone to fear of public speaking are ashamed of their bodies. They may be too short, too tall, too fat or too thin and will never be comfortable addressing an audience. People who consider themselves as not being good looking also fall into this category.


  • Poor dress sense: People who have a poor dress sense are often being booed off the stage because of the funny or odd way they dress. This becomes a normal routine to them and will always cause them unnecessary fear and anxiety whenever they want to speak in public.


The emotional factors responsible for this problem include:

  • Ingrained psychological phobia: Some people have natural psychological phobias about addressing an audience. No matter how good they look or how well they dress, they will never be comfortable and confident enough to speak in public.


  • Poor preparation: A poorly prepared speaker will lack the necessary confidence to speak in public as there will be the anxiety of how to respond to questions posed by the audience.


  • Biased audience: An audience that has a stereotyped mindset about an issue will usually be difficult to address. The speaker will notice unpleasant body languages and even verbal abusive language from them. These factors will erode the confidence of the speaker and will cause fear and anxiety over time.


  • Perfectionism: A perfectionist will always fall prey to this problem. Such a speaker will always crave for acknowledgment and validation of the audience. Not getting the required attention and validation will always create fear and anxiety in the speaker’s mind.


Helpful Tips

People who are guilty of the fear when speaking in public will find the following tips helpful:

  • Prepare your content well.
  • Dress presentably.
  • Accept yourself.
  • Adopt a positive mindset.
  • Look cheerful.
  • Have a friendly body language.
  • Understand your audience.
  • Understand that no one is perfect including members of your audience.
  • Believe in your message.
  • Consider doing a slide presentation.
  • Seek professional help and therapy if need be.


Therapy Help

Various therapies are available for helping people who have phobias and other mental conditions which challenge their ability to speak in public. In the course of my work in East Sussex, I usually employ Counselling; but for chronic cases suggestive of an ingrained underlying mental or psychological condition, I can employ Suggestion Therapy, Parts Therapy, Regression Hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, Reiki, etc. to assist.


Determining the best approach is also dependent on individual conditions and circumstances and is mutually determined during initial consultation. Information regarding the various therapies and solutions is available on my website.


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