Based: London, Brighton & Bexhill

Premium Service:

Our premium service is designed for those who want to improve in a number of areas in their lives. It is based on Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in addition to our wide range of tools to support our clients while building professional and personal relations, improved creativity, removing limiting or negative beliefs in monetary fields, traumas, anxiety, panic, self-esteem, self-love, public speaking and interview nerves amongst others.


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Executive Services

Executive Services:

We offer Executive sessions (16 Sessions). To deal with major challenges we give 8 weekly sessions and then one session per month (there is room for flexibility in these sessions) and personalize recordings too.

The program will be delivered remotely to meet the client needs. Early appointments from 7am and priority evening slots for them, being the latest 7:30 in the evening. In meeting your needs, we offer services that

  • Help in reducing anxiety and building confidence.
  • Improve your public speaking, conference calling and help manage the pressure of talking to a few hundreds of people.
  • Reduce nerves, doubts and speak clearly while video conferencing.
  • Help in avoiding overload, getting the right balance, knowing set boundaries without overload; hence, improving focus.
  • Improve your leadership skills, balancing job with family life, delegating tasks
  • Dealing with insecurity and help develop trust in self abilities.
  • Help avoid antagonization, dealing with senior people appropriately, handling board meetings and handling pressure.
  • Help avoid micro management and improve management styles using reflection tools to help persons know what they are and know what approach to take.
  • Help recognize why people may not connect with you.
  • Help deal with attestation and the responsibility that comes along with it.
  • Help deal with the risks associated with doing media in the business world.


Call us now on 0203 3970446