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Quit Smoking by Hypnosis

Everyone knows that smoking is a habit that severely damages your health. Doctors usually warn us that we should not smoke, as this can cause cancer, emphysema, heart problems and a lot of chronic diseases that could be avoided if you do not smoke. Yet many people continue to smoke, as the tobacco contains many additives and substances that cause addiction.

Fighting both physically and mentally

Many smokers try to quit each year using a variety of treatments to help stop this bad habit. They use different kinds of pills and supplements to try to quit, but usually they relapse because this type of treatment only treats the physical part of this addiction,  where as the psychological part of this problem is better treated with hypnosis.

Use a professional who knows the method

To use this technique you have the option of using a professional or on your own, in any case, the principle behind the use of hypnosis to stop smoking is the same. When you go to a professional clinical hypnotherapist they will start by asking why you want to quit smoking, how long you’ve been smoking and if you are really ready to quit. Quitting smoking through hypnosis only works if you feel 100% ready to perform a path of personal purification through quitting, because if you have any doubts about stopping smoking, hypnosis may not work to solve this problem.

What happens in a hypnosis session

During a hypnosis session to quit smoking, the therapist will guide you until you can enter a hypnotic state, which is like being between dreaming and awake. Once you find yourself in this state, you will be fully responsive to the voice and the suggestions made by the hypnotist. During the time you are in hypnosis, the professional shall submit suggestions to help you cope without smoking and you can stop this bad habit on your own, associating smoking as something negative. Once the session of hypnosis to stop smoking is over, you will come back in a state of alert, in which you will feel much more calm and relaxed, as if you had woken up from a nap.

Hypnosis works when you need it

But you’ve noticed, the suggestions that the hypnotist has planted in your mind are working to make it easier for you to leave behind the urge to light a cigarette. Although this all depends on your personal will, where when you are in a situation where you previously smoked, now thanks to hypnosis, it will be much easier to avoid the temptation.

Quit Smoking by Hypnosis

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“I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations”

I went to Maria in hypnosissouthlondon because studying and working at the same time was difficult, I used the BAGC6 method and it helped me with concentration, memory, comprehension, reading in English and leadership, I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations. I felt really confident during the sessions and Maria was helping me all the time during the process. Very good experience.

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