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The Emotional Vampire by Maddy Smith.

A poem to help those who have been involved with and recovering from a Narcissist


Toxic control

Is on the roll

He hears me

He sees me

He smells victory

The chase is on

For his toxic salvation.

She smells sweet

To his incomplete

His ego is fading

Her soul needs invading

To feed his dying soul

She must be in his control.

First stage

The love bomb seed

His direct hit

Feeds her internal need

She is the empath

Feeding the empty sociopath

He takes his time

To drink her soul

With his tales of woe

And no place to go

Day by day

More control

Will she ever emerge

From this deepening hole?

He makes her cry

She says goodbye

He comes back for more

She is

His revolving door

Until one day

Her hinges give way

She opens her eyes

To a hidden surprise

The man she knew

Was no longer there

Just an empty shell

With a desperate stare

The poison

He would spew

Was within him

Not you

Him, the damaged child

Destroyed and defiled

Using her goodness to revive

Attempting to survive

His own grief


Her love


Her life the hope

That kept him afloat

The narcissist feeds

On her internal needs

He gives no respite

To his internal bite

She bleeds empathy

He gives no sympathy

The narcissist is fed

He leaves

She feels dead

Mission accomplished.




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