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I Want to Become More Confident?


Ever notice how some people ooze confidence? They seem effortlessly self-possessed and happy with whom they are without resorting to bragging or being arrogant. They’re poised and graceful under pressure and never seem to get stressed or nervous. If you’ve ever looked at them and wished you could be like that when life gets tough, hypnotherapy for confidence building could be for you. People with a healthy amount of self-confidence:

• Become less anxious over job interviews, exams, presentations and meeting new people.
• Give off a warm, secure and responsive vibe to others
• Are less likely to suffer from low mood and low-self esteem
• Recover more quickly from set-backs
• Can assert their wants and needs comfortably in a polite, open manner, without fear of conflict.



I Want to Become More Confident? – Let Nothing Hold You Back


Perhaps you’re scared to go up for that promotion because you’re convinced you’re not good enough without any evidence. Maybe you’ve turned down dates or social events in the past because although you’d like to have gone, you’re terrified that people might not like you, or might judge you.

To some extent, we all have these thoughts, but left unchecked, they can quickly spiral out of control, giving us an overcritical, untrue self-image spurred on by an over-zealous inner critic. In most cases, this part of us starts as a motivator or cautioner and turns into a nasty, hateful demon when we become overwhelmed.



Push The Devil Off Your Shoulder


However, if you can’t shut off your critic, perhaps you need to ask yourself, how does it really benefit you? What does it do to help you attain your goals in a healthy way? What does it do to make you happy? In virtually all cases, the answer is absolutely nothing, and yet many people unconsciously allow it to rule them. Hypnotherapy calms your critic by encouraging a more positive subconscious dialogue while you’re relaxed and more open to suggestion, After seeing a trained hypnotherapist about confidence building, you’ll naturally view problems as opportunities, fears as challenges and conflict as a gateway to understanding.



So if you think it’s time to shake off irrational fears, get in touch today, and we can get to work on silencing your demon.


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“I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations”

I went to Maria in hypnosissouthlondon because studying and working at the same time was difficult, I used the BAGC6 method and it helped me with concentration, memory, comprehension, reading in English and leadership, I noticed the changes from the beginning and exceeded expectations. I felt really confident during the sessions and Maria was helping me all the time during the process. Very good experience.

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